change is the only constant

Not having being able to write for a long time, I have a plenty of things I want to write about and what I thought was that, I will publish one by one in the order of its importance.

Yes, I changed my job once again. I left Suntel to join FPA Sri Lanka as the Manager – Special Projects. Yes, FPA as in the Family Planning Association. I remember saying that, I left the Non Governmental Sector for several reasons on one of my earlier posts, but FPA is different and it’s not just a NGO. I am just not going to manage projects, but look at a broader perspective here. I will explain things later on a case by case basis.

Frankly, I never had the time to write and be involved in what I was involved, when I was at Suntel. Now that, I got some extra time in my hands I am trying to get back to a totally different life style. Things are changing; I resumed my work at Beyond Borders once again, got involved in a new venture called the National Youth Coalition on Sexual & Reproductive Health (I was earlier not planning to get involved, but changed my mind), I am in the latter stage of my year as the President of the Rotaract Club of Colombo, had a good time with the ETP participants who came done on a tour around Sri Lanka, haven’t got involved with Sage Training for while, thought of postponing my new business venture called WaveHunt, still running the Scout Group at Wesley College and also a member of the Executive Committee of the Colombo Scout Association. Those are some of the updates I have.

My immediate boss at Suntel is kind of mad with me for leaving them and they tried convincing me to change my mind. They think I can go high in their corporate ladder (I believe that too), but on the other hand some at Suntel say that, it’s good that I left them. However, I believe that, Suntel is a good place to grow if you want a good career in Marketing. I learned a lot from them and I will continue to grow because of them.

On the other hand I was completely put off after the results of the Presidential Election were announced and what happened afterwards. I don’t talk about it anymore because I see no point in doing so. We seriously need to put in some serious thinking as in to what we need to do to change things. At times I think like running for the local government or the parliament, but again think there is no point and let things go on as its happening.

With all due respect, let me start resuming my activism on changing this country. Change is the only constant we have in life!


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