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Beyond Borders, one of the leading youth-led, youth-run activist organizations in Sri Lanka, is conducting a recruitment drive as part of expanding their operations for 2009/2010. Beyond Borders is a space where young people can express themselves and work on development issues that they are passionate and concerned about. Beyond Borders is run entirely by a core group of volunteers.

Initiated as a networking project by British Council in 2005, it was later registered as a company in 2008. And since 2005, they have worked on a wide array of issues including HIV & AIDS, Media, Street Children, Peace and Governance, Poverty and Gender. Empowering and informing the youth through skill building and team activities such as training workshops and publication of training manuals.

The three themes – Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship – capture the spirit of Beyond Borders. To each member of Beyond Borders these themes mean something different and special, it is a vision for a society and world they would like to live in and a change they would like make. Beyond Borders provides a platform to work towards this vision and encourage other young people to join and work together with them under these themes.

Beyond Borders is recognized as a key organization that reaches out to young people through new and alternate media such as the internet, blogs, and importantly Forum Theater (using drama to address social issues). The organization is described as a development-focused civil society organization, and not a charity, focusing on social and development issues and actions aimed at bringing about long-term and sustainable change.

If you would like to apply visit here and send in your applications to Before the 12th of September 2009. If your require more information e-mail us at

For more on ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’, have a look  through our website or can find us on ‘Youtube’, ‘Flickr’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and also our blog. also have a look here


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