Former Wesley cricketer Lou Adhihetty no more

Dr Lou Adhihetty passed away in Switzerland on Wednesday (5 August). He served God and Wesley almost in equal measure.

Lou was one of the finest cricketers produced by Wesley College which has had the distinction of producing M.K. Albert, the Gunasekeras, Mahadevan Sathasivam, Stanley Jayasekera, Bertram Henderling, Edmund Dissanayake, Abu Fuard and the Claessen brothers.

In a period when Wesley played only six inter-school cricket matches, the 50s were, certainly the best years but 1956 was when they struck the purple patch. 1955 and ’56 were considered by scribes the ‘Lou Adhihetty years’ even though the team he captained to be undefeated inter-school champions in 1956 had accomplished batsmen in brother Vincent Adhihetty, Patrick Schokman and Neil Gallagher; M. Samsudeen of the low trajectory as the opening bowler and a plethora of all-rounder’s in Lou, himself, Bryan Claessen and his brother Herman, Abu Fuad and his brother Ansar in the fore-front.

Lou scored three centuries in 1956 out of the six games the school engaged in and scribes reported they had never seen a better batsman than Lou in the Wesley team. 1956 was the year in which the country’s schools showcased the best batsmen – Ronnie Reid and Michael Tissera of STC; Lorensz Pereira and Brendon Gunaratne of Royal; Malsiri Kurukulauriya and Nimal Maralanda of Trinity and W.Premaratne with Ranjith Doranagama of St Anthony’s being those who are within my memory.

On leaving school, Lou entered Cambridge University and obtained his BA [Hons] and MA [Cantab] PhD. and returned to serve as Wesley’s Principal from 1985 to ’88. He also served as Director of the Asian Christian Service in Vietnam and as President of the Swiss Sri Lankan Association based in Switzerland.

The funeral is on Monday, 10th August, in Wegenhalde 1, 8162, Steinmuar, Switzerland.

Lou leaves behind his wife, Lisbeth, daughter Sakunthala and son Arjuna.

This article was published on the Daily Mirror, which was written by Sharm de Alwis and also you can find another article here by Edmund Dissanayake on the Sunday Island. College website also announces the death of Late Dr. Lou Adhihetty here. Also read ‘Lou Adhihetty – An Icon of Wesley has faded away’.


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