Bokken Lauw by Lansi Elawwa

The ‘bokka’ is a ‘maara’ thing with a ‘paka’ sense of humor
It’s where the ‘sira’ feelings lie in wait for something ‘niyama’
It’s not as ‘pissu’ as the heart and is faster than the brain
It’s where the ‘ginna’ really starts to burst out into flames

It ‘veli, veli’ waits for years and you think it isn’t there
Then ‘eka parata’ you feel it jump and love is in the air
It makes the senses open up, ‘budu ammo’ what a feeling
You’re shocked and stunned and ask yourself if you’re ‘hitagena’ dreaming

Everything is going well and life is ‘harima’ lovely
You’ve even gotten close to God and find yourself in ‘palli’
‘Hina muhuna’, twinkling eyes and a bounce in your walk
But ‘chuttak inna’ if you can and listen to my talk

Even though the ‘bokka’ takes you on a ‘soosthi’ high
‘Balagena’ when you fly off into the deep blue sky
Hold on to your precious ‘papuwa’, just in case it runs
And remember that ‘bokken lauw’ happens only once

I know that a few of you might ‘shape-eke’ disagree
But it’s an ‘igena gaththa padamak’ I’m giving you for free
So ‘hithala mathala’ do your thing, I won’t tell you how
But ‘bokken lauw keruwahama, wennema mala illaw!’

Brandon Ingram


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