It is not over yet!

The military victory, which will be declared by the President of the Democratic, Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka tomorrow (19) May is not the end of this war. Well, I personally think that this is just the beginning of the scene and if the government does not keep up to their promises this situation would be worse. Hundred years of grievances cannot be solved in less than a year and it is a fact.

Now that the terrorist are gone there is a greater responsibility to the government of Sri Lanka to look back to the reason why the LTTE was formed. It was the mistakes our leaders made long time back and continued to grow on the mistakes repeated over and over again. I would be happy if the leaders of today rectify this mistake and bring in a solution, which is universally accepted and until then I will not celebrate this military victory.

Even though I do not believe in ‘karma’, I believe that all the lives we have lost, was the cost we had to pay for the mistakes we have done in the past. We need to honor all those lives and the only way to honor them is by bring peace to this war torn country and establishing true democracy. I have never lived in a Sri Lanka without the war and I do not know Sri Lanka as a country without war, how it feels to live in peace, how it feels to celebrate, but I hope this will end here and the next generation will not experience the same.

The war might be over, but the war of corruption; injustice; inequity; are wars yet to be fought! And it is not over yet!

It is not over yet! It is not over yet!


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