Leadership? Everyone should take?

On the 19 March, around 5.30 p.m. in the evening, my mobile rang. It was a number I hadn’t saved in my phone. I was at office, but was not busy at all and was playing around with Face Book on the internet, I answered the call. It was a surprise and it was no other than President Shameema on the line. She had never called me from a land line and just as Shameema said hello, I knew that there was something irregular in the call.

‘The CPP has proposed your name for next President of the club and I know that you can take it up, what do you have to say? Are you ready to accept it?’

It was a very sudden surprise to me and I said ‘what?’ and the conversation went on. In the beginning I said no, but towards the latter part of the conversation I gave her permission for the CPP to consider me as a nominee, just because I knew that there was a much more qualified person, who would accept it. However, later I got to know, that she had refused to take it up. Then on the 21 March, during the Holi Hai Festival, which was held at the Sindhi Club, Husna the current DRR & one of our own Past Presidents announced that, I am the President Elect for 2009/10. On the 23 March, I see an email sent to the RCC group by Shameema congratulating me, for being selected as the President. Subsequently on the 17 April I get a call from President Shameema, officially wishing me for being Elected as the President (Well she was out of the country from the 19 March to the 16 April). For whom, who is wondering what the CPP is, it stands for the College of Past Presidents of the Rotaract Club of Colombo.

However, now that I was Elected as President of RCC and later I accepted the same, I will assume office from the 1 July 2009 and be Installed somewhere in early July this year as the Fortieth President of the Rotaract Club of Colombo. One thing I clearly know is that, looking at the standards set by current President Shameema and her team and the current status and the ranking RCC has, being the President of RCC is not a very easy job to do. Having being to coordinate a bunch of really busy and high profile professionals, a bunch of busy members at RCC and leading the club towards greater heights is indeed challenging and sometimes it even make me think, it is something impossible for me to do. Top of everything being Elected three months before assuming office brings you more pressure than ever. I am still in the process of getting-rid of the pressure and trying to finalize my team and to kick starting the planning process for my year in office.

Being Elected as the President, I am indeed privileged and proud to lead the pioneer Rotaract Club in the Rotary International District 3220, Sri Lanka in the up-coming Rotaract year. Well, to be honest, one day I wanted to be the President of RCC, but I never wanted it to happen so soon. Being relatively new and young to the club, I had only taken the responsibility of being the current Secretary. Well, I did co-chair the District Assembly on the 6 July held at Hotel Galadhari, where our own Past President Husna was installed as the District Rotaract Representative and also chaired few other small projects and one long term project (Back to School).

Ultimately what I wanted to say in this post was that, leadership is something everyone (at least the people who have the capability) should take, whenever and wherever you can, if you really believe and look forward to make things changed. However it will not come to you, unless you plan for it. Most of the youth activists and change makers I, meet are quite reluctant to take leadership. They think it is a burden and that’s not what they want to do, but I would say, if you want to see and make the change, then obviously you need to take leadership at every level you can, because ultimately people look up to great leaders and will not look up to the followers. At the end of the day the only thing this country needs is, nothing but great leaders.


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