Provincial Council & Elections

Its election time again. This ticket has the power to send someone to the Provincial Council, but does it have to power to remove him/ her, if that person is not suitable is the question. It also happens if you think there is no one, who deserves to be elected to the council and it’s our general perception that just one vote doesn’t count at all. We think it is best not to vote and rather not even waste time going to the polling station to cancel your vote.

This is a completely wrong perception according to my view. If you say no to me, then answer my list of question; do you like the current state of affairs? Do you agree with whatever the current regime says? Do you believe in war? Are you following the war in the Northern part of Sri Lanka? Do you know that the so called ‘terrorist’ are also human fighting for their own cause? Do you know that how many people die of the war? Do you know that whoever dies of the war are human beings? Do you know that most of the media institutes are puppets? Do you know how many ministers (cabinet and non-cabinet) we have? Do you know that the government spends more than 1 million per minister per day? Do you know that there are people who live one day with just one dollar or less? Do you know that some people do not even have a roof to spend the night? Do you think there is justice in this country or the world for that matter? Do you know that you just have everything others do not have? Do you know that you are privileged? Do you know that, it’s always the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

So then why? Why? You just let people do what they want? You just let the regime do what they do? If you do not take the leadership to change things, your own children (the future) are at risk! Do you know that? I do not mean that everyone should go to the parliament to find solutions. No not all! But we need to make sure that we send the right people to the right place! Make sure that we run the country the way we want, but not the way the regime wants!

To do this you need to take every opportunity, every chance, and channel the right energy to the right place at the right time. Today I have a vote, but yet I do not know whom to vote! But that doesn’t mean that I should just stay at home thinking that, no point even going to the polling station to cancel it and not give it to any! Remember if you do not go, your vote might be cheated by someone else! We shall not let that happen and the only way to prevent it is to use your vote! Use your vote to elect the right guy! Just do not vote for someone just because someone else say, because your parents vote, because your girl/ boy friend say!

So my only message to everyone, to go to the polling station, use your vote to send the right person to the Provincial Council!


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