“moving on…”


You must be wondering, what the hell happened to me for the last three months not being able to write anything nor been able to comment on any social issue concerning Sri Lanka. Loads of reasons have led to this situation, but certainly it is not because that I fear the other parties who does not like people writing and expressing about the way things are done, but merely due to my personal commitments including regular travelling for official work, projects and assignments of IPM and the Open University and Beyond Borders and Rotaract work, which has not left any free time for me. Despite all those I am also maintaining another photo blog of the Rotaract Club of Colombo.


I am actually going through a whole cycle of change during these days and mostly because my current job as a CBR Liaison Officer for the Queens University Project in Sri Lanka ‘Governance of Social Care Centers in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka Project’ funded by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and implemented by Queen’s University of Canada in close collaboration with the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare (MSSSW) is coming to an end on the 31 March. So I am basically wrapping up the whole thing and travelling a quite a lot, drafting reports, getting things sorted, printing stuff, etc.


Despite all that I have decided to quit the sector for a million of reasons. I mean, I am planning to end my career in the Development sector. I know, lots of my close friends are almost shouting at me for doing so. However, I have a very strong justification why, I want to quit and now I have made the final decision today (15 March), but that does not mean that if I get an opportunity to join an organization type I am expecting, I will not join. I offered my services back to Sarvodaya and also the Foundation for Co-existence (FCE) and so far they have not said anything and I thought I will just move on.


When I made this decision in January one of my close friends called me and made a personal request to be in the sector and not quit. So I agreed with him under the condition that, if I do find an organization before the 15 March, I would agree to work with (considering its principles of existence), I would quit if that’s not the case.


So finally I am looking forward to work with the corporate sector starting the 1 April this year, and well the thing is that, I still don’t have a job as yet, but I am mainly looking at a Human Resource Background, Secretariat work or Administrative work. So far I have applied for about ten to fifteen potential organizations, but if you know a better place you would recommend please email me and tell me about it. However, all these changes in life does not mean that, I will quit the sector completely, but the only difference would be that I will not pursue the development sector as my career anymore, but will remain to be the same person, blogging, talking, acting and creating change in what I believe in and what I am passionate doing. The whole youth development and activism part will remain in me until I expire as a youth and even after.


I wish all the very best to Sri Lanka and let all the bloodshed, war, communal violence, state terror, media suppression, misguiding society and people, economic down turn, stock market crash, ever rising inflation, in-equity, inequality, unjust and all other issues move out and may prosperity bring about joy, happiness and hope back to this blessed nation.


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