“a year of hope; nothing without hope;”

The dawn of today brought about yet another beginning of 365 days,
A new day; a new year and most importantly a year with hope;
Over 6 billion people all over the world thinking their own way;
To combat economic recession; in-justice; in-equity and corruption,

A hope; to make people understand the diversity;
To realize that everyone doesn’t think the way you think;
See the way you see; do the way you do;
But, to live life peacefully,

You might be frustrated of a bloody war for more than three decades;
Economic recession; in-justice; in-equity and corruption;
People not understanding the diversity; &
Not having to live a peaceful life,

But, there is always hope in this world;
To make us strong against the odds; think different from others; &
Create change where necessary;
But, nothing without hope,

In this New Year, let’s make a promise to our selves, that;
We will see and think different; Speak up against in-justice; in-equity and corruption;
Act to make people understand diversity; life; responsibility; &
Be agents of change, for once and forever…

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