“a natural balance”

Got the below text in an email I got from a friend of mine, with a New Year wish. The author of this message is unknown, but whoever wrote this has made a lot of sense in it. This message does not reflect any of my views or any organization I represent and should not be quoted anywhere.

“I wonder whether you realize what wonderful opportunities are available to us in these interesting times we live in.

All of us, wherever we are, whoever we are, are in some way feeling the effects of the global financial meltdown. The system is at last correcting itself, finding the natural order of the way things should be. 

Old paradigms such as limitless consumption, exponential growth that we call development, profit making business models that do not take in to its costs the value of human life, other living beings and the environment is being questioned and turned on its head! As the global financial system collapses like a deck of cards, it is also creating new spaces. New spaces for perceiving, organizing and responding to the wealth we have and the wealth we create.

This is an opportunity, to consider how we have placed value on a fictitious wealth based on the fickle whims and fancies of investors and spend that fictitious value. It is a time to analyze how we have created credit out of nothing and spend that fictitious money as if it were real. It is an opportunity to reflect on the ethics and values we live and work by, time to consider our duty and responsibility to ourselves, our family and our earth community of all living beings. It is time we realize that our wealth is in the touch and feel of things, like the trees around us, the air we breathe, the fertile ground that grow our food, the water in the rivers and lakes, the beauty of a paddy field, the majesty of a mountain. It is in the skills we have to grow our children, grow our food, create beautiful spaces to live and work. It is in the knowledge of our ancestors, the wisdom in our spiritual traditions, the scientific innovativeness that can help us live differently. It is in the love and support we give and receive from our children, our family, our friends and our community. It is in the first smile of a baby, the laugh of a child, the hug from a friend, the kiss from a lover. It is in the love we have for all living beings. It is in the joy of a beautiful sunrise, the smell of the damp earth after the rains.

If you are finding these times difficult financially, consider doing these, this season and in the New Year;

Spend more time with family and friends instead of rushing around trying to stretch your wallet to buy expensive gifts. Give them your love, time and hugs for Christmas. Take time to get to know your customers, suppliers, work colleagues, neighbors, and community. Find ways to lend a helping hand instead of buying them a hamper. Ask children to create arts and crafts as gifts for family. It is educational, fun, and a precious keepsake. Cut down on expensive menus which include expensive meats, and plan wholesome meals which include more vegetables? Eat healthy. Take a walk, do some exercises, and give yourself the gift of wellbeing. Find dignity in doing household chores and looking after yourself and your family. Find new skills and develop yourself to do different work if you have lost your job. Don’t be afraid to do what you would normally consider menial work. All work that supports your sustenance, that does not harm you or other living beings physically or emotionally, is good work. 

Don’t be afraid do something you love for free, to help someone for free. The fruits of your gifts will be returned, if not by that person, by someone else. Pass on an act of kindness.

The biggest crisis we face is the damage and pain we are inflicting on our home, planet earth. The only home we have. This is an opportunity to live differently! It is an opportunity to continue to keep our only home habitable not only for the next generation but for the next and the next and the next. Live lightly. Reduce consumption. You may be consuming earth’s resources which are finite, on a credit that is infinite. This is not a prudent way to balance the accounts. Take a look at your wardrobe. Give away clothes you have not worn for the last 6 months to people who have less than you. Consider how many clothes do you really need, every time you want to buy something new. Start growing your own food, using organic methods. The food we eat has too much chemicals and causes many of the diseases we have. The food crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our times and we will all have to help each other grow our food. Industrialized food production is a burden on our environment, eroding and depleting the soil as we use chemicals to grow bigger crops, destroying the natural balance in the environment and polluting the air as we transport them across the world. Eat more vegetables and less meat. Industrialized animal husbandry and farming is one of the biggest culprits of environmental damage. Cut down on unnecessary travel. Just because the price of oil has come down, the amount of fossil fuels available in the earth has not increased. Share your resources and wealth, car pool, hand down clothes… reuse, recycle, reduce, together as a community.

Use this opportunity to allow the Universe to reveal to you the wonders and abundance it offers. There is enough for all of us, and all other living beings to count our blessings to start doing and stop complaining to start doing collectively and stop trying to do things alone to start loving and stop fighting

We are all in this together. You and me. Us and them. Humans, animals, birds, fish, insects, flowers, trees, the seas, the mountains, the forests, the meadows, the moors and the dessert, the earth, one small planet in one big universe, we are all in it together. I wish you and your family and loved ones a wonderful New Year and the wisdom, insight, strength and creativity to find opportunities to live and love in the coming year. I wish all living beings, big and small, visible and invisible… joyous life on earth.”


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