It is one year since I joined the Rotaract Club of Colombo

It was 6.15 p.m. at Park Premier of Excel world, a former Rotaractor of the Rotaract Club of Colombo North walked in to a meeting exactly one year ago, kept his stuff at a corner of the room went and took a seat in the very last row in the room. The meeting had not started yet. A very familiar person walked up to this stranger and asked, “for which meeting are you hear for?, apparently there are four Rotaract Meetings happening today” and the stranger replied, “I am here for the Rotaract Club of Colombo Meeting” she replied back saying “ok, we are only starting at 6.30” and went away.

Close to 6.30 p.m. people started walking in and the stranger didn’t find anyone familiar, but noticed another, who looked like a stranger. The stranger went up to him said “hello, I am Nooranie and you are?” he replied saying “I am Charmika”. However he felt relaxed when he saw then the Club Service Director and now the President coming in. President Muffadal called the meeting to order, and went on talking and talking, even after the pledge and the invocation. He announced that there are two new prospective members and asked them to introduce themselves to the rest of the members and both of us did so.

Six months down the line President Elect Shameema called me and asked me, “what are your plans for the next year?” and I said “I don’t have much lined up within the next year” and then she asked whether I would like to accept to be the Secretary for the club in the coming Rotaract Year, I didn’t have much to say because I had already said that I don’t have any major stuff planned for the next year and when I said “hmmm….” She goes, “I know you’re a efficient admin person and you proved it when I was at Beyond Borders”, I really couldn’t say anything other than “ok”.

However six months since I accepted to be the Secretary, it has been a huge experience to me, coordinating a bunch of really busy professionals and extremely different projects. I must say that at the Rotaract Club of Colombo, I have experienced and seen the difference of the way how things happen. It is extremely professional and value based. Most of the community service projects are long term and genuinely aimed at the development of the community.

Most members at the Rotaract Club of Colombo believe that, service comes through fellowship and I must say that it is very true. Rotaract is not all about Community service, as it was mainly founded by the Rotary International as a programme for young professionals to develop themselves through the four avenues of service and to serve others at the same time. That is where professional development comes to play.

At the moment I am fortunate that, I am chairing a project called “Back to School”, which is indeed a one year project at the moment with the following objectives; To reintegrate children between (12 – 16) affected by tsunami back to school; To provide Educational Equipment support, To provide additional educational support beyond school (support classes); To provide additional group activities to make them all-rounded students; To build capacity of Rotaractors and to make them aware of such causes and also to make them a part of the entire exercise

Five villages, seventy five children, affected by tsunami and re-settled in the in-land in Kalutara are the beneficiaries of this wonderful project funded by the Ceylon Tea Traders Association (CTTA). I was also privileged to Co-Chair the Annual Rotaract District Assembly with Rtr. Zulfer last July at the Galadhari, which was a massive success.

I would fail in my duties, If don’t thank the following who have guided me at RCC for the last year; Past President (PP) Alefiya – for all the support given when I wanted to arrange relief during the floods in April in Kalutara, PP Muffadal for guiding me during his year and when we were organizing the Assembly, PP DRR Husna for all her help and advice, Rtr. Zulfer, President Shameema, everyone in the current Board of Directors, all the members and my parents for all what they have done for me and for tolerating me. Thanks Guys and looking forward to continue to work with you’ll.


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