Well, this is some thing I came across on the web, and you would never find this in most of the Sri Lankan people. One reason as to why Sri Lanka is so backward is that we don’t have a vision in life; so it’s high time if you, your self not have one for you to get some tips to have one even now onwards, so that you can achieve some thing at the end of the day.


Your personal vision statement guides you in life; provides the direction; guide the course your journey and the choices you make about your career and your professional life. Your vision statement is the sun in the sky towards, which you turn to find your way, in case you get lost during the course of the journey.


Following are few tips to start working on your own vision statement;

·         What are the ten things you most enjoy doing? Be honest. These are the ten things without which your weeks, months, and years would feel incomplete.

·         What three things must you do every single day to feel fulfilled in your work?

·         What are your five-six most important values?

·         Your life has a number of important facets or dimensions, all of which deserve some attention in your personal vision statement. Write one important goal for each of them: physical, spiritual, work or career, family, social relationships, financial security, mental improvement and attention, and fun.

·         If you never had to work another day in your life, how would you spend your time instead of working?

·         When your life is ending, what will you regret not doing, seeing, or achieving?

·         What strengths have other people commented on about you and your accomplishments? What strengths do you see in yourself?

·         What weaknesses have other people commented on about you and what do you believe are your weaknesses?


“Once you have thoughtfully prepared answers to these questions and others that you identify, you are ready to craft a personal vision statement. Write in first person and make statements about the future you hope to achieve. Write the statements as if you are already making them happen in your life”


“You generally accomplishment your written goals, dreams, plans, and vision. Writing them down lends power and commitment to their accomplishment” says, speaker and writer, Brian Tracy


Keep in mind that your personal vision statement can also change over time, depending upon what is happening in your life just like a company or an organization does.


“When I live and experience the components of my personal vision statement frequently, I feel inner peace and joy that knows no bounds. Your personal vision statement will have the same impact for you. Take the time to formulate answers to the above questions, and write your personal vision statement. Then, listen to your heart sing with the fullness of your articulated dreams”


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