“the generational difference”

“the generational difference”

– can it be bridged? –


This might be a quite a big dilemma for most of the young people lobbying for change and might not be a quite new thing for most of us.


I recall a very short story (some of you might have already heard this) which I can relate to most of our teens;


“When you were a child; your father is the world for you, when you grew up and in your teens; you tend to disagree with your father, when you further grew up and in your youth; your father is your biggest foe, but when you further grew up and in your adulthood; your father became your hero”


Well some of you may or may not agree to that story, but some times this is what we often hear form our friends.


Personally for me, the gap between two generations is different and huge, it should be so. Once I met Bathiya Jayakodi (a very prominent artist in Sri Lanka) who spoke to a group of teens at function and said “a fifth grader in 1995 will not be the same to a fifth grader in 2005; whether its ideas, view points, attitude, technologically and so on so forth (you name it and it will be in the list).”


Well I agree with him as that’s the case most of the times. Identifying the diversity and accepting the difference and there by compromising from both ends might be able to bridge this different.


But what made me write this is, mainly because to find about what happens when we cannot bridge the gap and we cannot compromise further and agree to disagree (which is not the perfect answer for anything) and which will not end up there, but continue to escalate conflict between the parties.


Some of you must be wondering that I must be talking about the political leadership, but well you are not very wrong. Well apart from the dirty politics we see all around us, you will also find people who say that they are also a part of the greater picture (team), but does not at all act as in they are in a team. Letting down the team, not sharing information relevant to the functioning and decision making, not having faith and trust once a team mate is assigned a task, etc. Basically most of the modern leadership and teamwork concepts starts contradicting and starts building un-necessary stress.


At times we actually cannot blame these people as they come from a very “self centric” background and they have been trained only to trust themselves when they work with people, but this difference of “the art of working with people” really turns people off and de-motivates people to continue to work in teams. This particular culture is being created since we were small. Remember our parents saying “these books are yours”, “this is your pencil”, “it’s yours”, etc. We all come from a very selfish background, but what is important is that, how can we stop being “self centric” and stat being “people centric”


Unless and of cause we start this our selves, starting from “me”, then our children and etc, I am sure we can make a difference. But the ting is that we also continue follow the footsteps of our predecessors, but not change. I still do not understand (at this point) how to deal with such situations and avoid trouble and conflict.


I am open for suggestions and criticism.


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