Be the change you want to see

All of us were together when we stood up against the Brits,

We didn’t care where we came from; what religion we belong, our cast or creed

We got independence from the Brits; we were ready for a new country to begin

Our own leaders took over power and wanted the government to lead

They didn’t care where they came from, what religion they belong, their cast or creed,



The need for power came, leaders were eager to rule

Patriots became greedy for power, a war started to fuel,

Needs and attitudes changed, egos built up,

Leaders made drastic changes over night


Division prompted by the languages spoken in this small land

Led to political unrest and to problems for each other to understand

People started to hate those who spoke the language of the other “side”

Things went wrong to worse,

Those who were together and fought for independence divided become,

Violence increased, people started to kill each other and peace lost its home

Various groups were formed to fight for their rights, violence built up into a war,

Many people fled out of their places and left their families and works,

No leader recognized the mistakes that in the past were done

They used them to remain in power and to get benefits for their own


Until today we don’t have an answer for this war, neither no one knows why a war?

Did our leaders use our different languages to motivate discord?

What happened to the people who fought together for independence and more?


What happens today at last?

Do we want to heal the wounds of the past?

Do we respect and care for each other?

Do we want to work with one another?

We all know we need to live and work together,

But we aren’t willing to do so,

People want to forget the past and forget the war,

But our egos have already grown

A thousand years of grievances can not be solved in a decade or so,

We may not be able to change things now, as the present has been sown



We can be tomorrow’s leaders and shape the future by our own,

We can work for a country where everyone respects each other and moves on,

We can learn to be together and let peace be born


We can change ourselves before changing the world,

We can solve our problems before trying others’ to solve,


We can create a country where every one can live in peace,

We shouldn’t blame each other but try to find solutions at least,

It was not the Brits who created this;

They weren’t here when we made of power a feast,


If you are inspired to change the world, start with yourself,

You can’t expect changes to show results itself,

Someone needs to sacrifice and work for the best

Comfort and self-interest don’t have here a place


No country is perfect; you need to make it perfect…

“The time is the healer but time moves on,

Time waits for no one, but things need to change their course”


We need to change in peace

We need to be the change we want to see


          Nooranie Muthaliph


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